21 Aug 2013

Why We Left The Earth

Back in 2011, I contributed to a small film called Why We Left The Earth, and now you can see it online!

Tanya J Scott did all the hard work, so I think you should let her know how much you like it, because I think it looks great!

Alice in Wonderland Pottery Photos

Click to make it bigger!
So, as promised, here is the finished Alice in Wonderland pottery for Aston Pottery! Looks good eh?

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Click to make it bigger!
All photos courtesy of Aston Pottery.

13 Aug 2013

Newsy News

Hey folks, 
Sorry it's been such a long time since I posted anything on here, but rest assured I'm still alive and doing good. I've been fairly busy since the last update, did some animation work for Scriberia in London, some medical illustrations too. 
Also, the long awaited Alice In Wonderland pottery is coming out this week, so I've had a few last minute bits and pieces to do on that. In fact here's a picture of me that accompanies the press release. I didn't want to be in a photo, so did this instead. You can expect more info and pictures on the pottery when it's released!

Also, I've been busy updating and redesigning my portfolio website too. It's taken me a while, doing bits here and there, but it's almost done. And it now has a proper domain name! How exciting! 

You can check it out here:

17 Feb 2013

Long Time No See

Hello everyone,

Sorry it's been so long since anything new appeared on this here blog. I'd like to say that I've been busy, but that's not totally true...
Anyway, I'm back! Hooray.

Here, have a picture of a viking:

In more important news, you may remember that last summer I designed some Alice in Wonderland characters to be painted on to a giant teapot for Aston Pottery. You do remember? Good. Well the pottery has decided to release an entire range of Alice in Wonderland pottery, so they've asked me to come up with some more designs.

Here's the King and Queen of Hearts and a couple of card soldiers:

Hope you like them, there's some more to come soon!

16 Oct 2012

Christmas Pottery in Britain Magazine

Here's another post about the Twelve Days of Christmas pottery, you must be getting fed up of it by now. 
Well anyway, it was featured in Britain magazine, a national magazine which is all about (unsurprisingly) Britain. 
Apparently it's adorable, which is nice, and also it describes me as 'young' which is even nicer.

Thanks Britain magazine!