15 Nov 2011

Red Bull Canimation Final Entry

Hello again.
Above is my finished entry for the Red Bull Canimation competition.
If you 'Like' it, comment on it or share it around then that can all help me win the competition, which I would very much like to do.
As an incentive, if I win then I will teach you how I did such an 'amazing' run cycle! Worth it's weight in gold I think you'll agree.

Thanks for your help in advance!

8 Nov 2011

Some More 'Mars Is No Fun' Work

This is probably how the chorus in my 'Mars Is No Fun' video will be animated. I still need to tweak a few timings though, and need to do some colour correction on it.

6 Nov 2011

Look At This Little Face

I've been trying a bit of a different style of animation this weekend, I would have done more, but had other things to attend to, like playing hockey and writing a Christmas/birthday list. When I've got the Red Bull animation done, I'm going to focus on developing this style a bit more. Hope you like it, and bear in mind it's only a rough practice/test!

1 Nov 2011

Red Bull Canimation

Having seen the advert in the cinema the other day, I have decided to enter the Red Bull Canimation competition. Basically, you've got to create an advert for Red Bull taking the can as inspiration. I found out about it a bit late, and only have to the 15th of November to do it.

I did a little bit of work on it this evening, the results of which you can see above. Please bear in mind that I haven't animated a four legged run cycle in four years, and even then it wasn't very good. And I know the body, head and tail need to move some more, but hey it's a start! (If you right-click on the video and press LOOP you can see him run forever!)

More soon! (Hopefully)