27 Jun 2011

Wordcore Website Design

My good buddy Andy Johnson asked me to redesign his website a bit. This is the result. He wanted it similar to the Folk* Connections piece I did a few months ago.
Go and see the real thing and check out Andy's reviews and musings here: www.wordcore.co.uk

20 Jun 2011

Moleskine #1

Bought a new moleskine sketchbook last week at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, which was very good, and this is the first drawing in it. I hate starting off sketchbooks as I don't want to do a rubbish drawing on the first page of a new sketchbook, especially if it's a nice expensive moleskine.
Anyway, I was pleased with this picture, so the moleskine lives to fight another day.

10 Jun 2011

E4 Stings Competition Entry

So here's my entry. If anyone would be as kind as to give me some feedback before I properly upload it onto the E4 website, then I'd be very grateful!

9 Jun 2011

E4 Stings Competition

So I decided to enter the annual E4 Stings competition. I haven't done any animation in ages, so this should be interesting.
Here's part of what I've done so far:

Expect more in the next few days!

6 Jun 2011

Daily Landscapes

In order to keep myself drawing, I've decided to set myself a little challenge.
Every day I am going to create a background/landscape image. I don't do backgrounds or landscapes very often so this should be good practice. If you understand that, then here's the first one:

And as a special treat, here's a bonus background that is part of an animation I'm working on:

Let me know what you think, and stay tuned for more Daily Landscapes!