26 Jun 2012

Aung San Suu Kyi, David Cameron and My Pottery Designs

Ok, so that's a rubbish post title but look, here's a photo of David Cameron and Aung San Suu Kyi with my Alice in Wonderland design! Clearly they both have very good taste.

(Thanks for the publicity guys!)

25 Jun 2012

Today I Drew A Lion

He is worried. Being king of the jungle is a lot of responsibility.

And also a fox. He looks like a PEZ holder.

24 Jun 2012


I was just messing around in Photoshop, and this pattern is what came out. Fancy that.

14 Jun 2012

Look At This Teapot!

Today the people at the pottery started painting my design onto a huge 1 gallon teapot. They did an amazingly good job of turning my design into stencils, a job I thought would be next to impossible. The teapot still needs to be glazed, so it'll look even better then!

Also here's a video of Nikki decorating a big disk/plate thing for it to stand on.
It's all pretty cool, I think you'll agree.

13 Jun 2012

New Logo

In other news, I'm trying to come up with a new logo/identity. This is the best so far.

PS: Also to the many of you not asking, I've got some new greetings cards coming this week so you'd better start saving up.

Final Alice in Wonderland Design

Click to make bigger.
So, this is the final design that was selected to be stencilled onto the pottery. Sorry it's so small, but give it a click and it'll get bigger. I pity the poor person who has to cut out all the stencils for this, but I'm really pleased with it.

12 Jun 2012

Some More Alice Characters

Here's a couple more characters for the Alice in Wonderland job mentioned previously. I've also made a line up of them all around the Mad Hatter's tea table, but Blogger has a habit of shrinking wide pictures down till they're teeny tiny. Which I don't like.

10 Jun 2012

Alice In Wonderland Designs

A pottery company has asked me to come up with some designs for some of their pottery. The theme is Alice In Wonderland, and more specifically The Mad Hatter's Tea Party. This is what I've done so far. Hopefully it's obvious who each of them are...