16 Oct 2012

Christmas Pottery in Britain Magazine

Here's another post about the Twelve Days of Christmas pottery, you must be getting fed up of it by now. 
Well anyway, it was featured in Britain magazine, a national magazine which is all about (unsurprisingly) Britain. 
Apparently it's adorable, which is nice, and also it describes me as 'young' which is even nicer.

Thanks Britain magazine!

Twelve Days of Christmas Pottery Available Now!

The time has finally come! You can now buy the first two days of the Twelve Days of Christmas pottery that I designed for Aston Pottery

15 Oct 2012

Last Night I Drew Some Knights

Last night I drew some knights on an envelope and liked them so here they are.

10 Oct 2012

Christmas Pottery!

Here is some of the Christmas pottery I helped to design for Aston Pottery. This is only a sneak peak, but it all goes on sale later this month. And with 75 shopping days till Christmas day, you'll have plenty of time to buy some plates to serve your Christmas dinner on.

Also as a bonus, here's some more of the designs for the other Days of Christmas:

Four out of nine ladies dancing.

Three out of eight maids a-milking,

8 Oct 2012

Buy My Cushions!

Have you ever wanted to pay £25 for a cushion designed by me? Well now you can thanks to Ohh Deer. Have a look, buy buy buy and help me win the next stage of the competition. Remember, it’s never too early for Christmas presents! 
Use the links below to buy them!

2 Oct 2012


Chickens are literally one of my most favourite things to draw. Here's the ones from the Christmas plates but in a different colour.