16 Oct 2012

Christmas Pottery in Britain Magazine

Here's another post about the Twelve Days of Christmas pottery, you must be getting fed up of it by now. 
Well anyway, it was featured in Britain magazine, a national magazine which is all about (unsurprisingly) Britain. 
Apparently it's adorable, which is nice, and also it describes me as 'young' which is even nicer.

Thanks Britain magazine!

Twelve Days of Christmas Pottery Available Now!

The time has finally come! You can now buy the first two days of the Twelve Days of Christmas pottery that I designed for Aston Pottery

15 Oct 2012

Last Night I Drew Some Knights

Last night I drew some knights on an envelope and liked them so here they are.

10 Oct 2012

Christmas Pottery!

Here is some of the Christmas pottery I helped to design for Aston Pottery. This is only a sneak peak, but it all goes on sale later this month. And with 75 shopping days till Christmas day, you'll have plenty of time to buy some plates to serve your Christmas dinner on.

Also as a bonus, here's some more of the designs for the other Days of Christmas:

Four out of nine ladies dancing.

Three out of eight maids a-milking,

8 Oct 2012

Buy My Cushions!

Have you ever wanted to pay £25 for a cushion designed by me? Well now you can thanks to Ohh Deer. Have a look, buy buy buy and help me win the next stage of the competition. Remember, it’s never too early for Christmas presents! 
Use the links below to buy them!

2 Oct 2012


Chickens are literally one of my most favourite things to draw. Here's the ones from the Christmas plates but in a different colour.

8 Sep 2012

Ohh Deer Pillow Fight Competition

I just submitted some designs for the Ohh Deer Pillow Fight competition, where you design a cover for a cushion and if your design gets chosen, they make it and sell it and you get 25% of the profit. Pretty cool!

Have a look at my entries over here. And there's some more details below:

7 Sep 2012

Some More Twelve Days of Christmas

Here's some more of the Twelve Days of Christmas designs, Three French Hens, and Four Calling Birds. They haven't been approved by the pottery yet, but I thought I'd put them up here.

Also, as if it isn't obvious, Six Geese A-Laying. But they're not on a plate yet.

4 Sep 2012

More Christmas Designs

You may remember that back in July I mentioned that I was doing some Christmas designs for a local pottery. They eventually decided on doing a Twelve Days of Christmas theme, so here are my designs for the first two verses of the song.
These are just the designs for the plates, but there will be mugs, jugs etc with the same designs too. The pottery plans to release two designs a year, so it'll takes six years to build up the full collection. A small guaranteed job for me for the next six years then. Nice.

Photos coming soon!

8 Aug 2012


I am fully aware boy cows don't have udders, but I'm going to play the 'creative licence' card.

26 Jul 2012

Truck Festival 2012 Photography

Emmy the Great

Mystery Jets

Theme Park
Last weekend I went To Truck Festival in Oxfordshire to photograph the bands and artists for The Line of Best Fit website. These are a couple of the best ones.

To read the review by Andy Johnson that accompanies the photos, click here.

19 Jul 2012

Christmas Designs

I know it's totally the wrong time of year for this, but here are some Christmas designs for the same pottery that I did the Alice In Wonderland design for. There's quite a lot more, including some Twelve Days of Christmas ones, a nativity scene and all that Christmassy jazz, but these ones are my favourites.

Here are some plate designs:
Click to make bigger!

And if the pottery doesn't like any of them, well I'll just make loads of Christmas cards this year. We shall see...

18 Jul 2012


Q. What's the difference between a buffalo and a bison?

A. You can't wash your hands in a buffalo.

17 Jul 2012


Every now and then I get the urge to draw a bear. Even ones with really long necks.

15 Jul 2012

Horsing Around

Today I drew a horse, I think he may be Spanish, or just likes prancing around in a Western somewhere.

In other news my friend Josie asked me to make a quick logo for her brand spanking new website. You should check it out: josiegallo.co.uk

6 Jul 2012


All I seem to have been doing lately is using geometric shapes. And as there's nothing wrong with that, here, have some patterns. The third one is very basic I admit.

5 Jul 2012

The Creature From The Black Lagoon (Kind Of...)

I was perusing the work of Ben Newman (a long time hero), and was inspired by his ongoing Masks project, so I kind of had a go myself.
Mine ended up looking ever so slightly like The Creature from The Black Lagoon, so that is what it is.


Here is a building block village. I would live in the rocket house.


If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen the beginnings of this, but here is the finished piece. It's meant to be a castle that also looks like the king that lives there, or vice versa. I did think about adding more detail to it, but thought I'd end up over-complicating things. Actually, thinking about it, I might add a brick texture to his face...

26 Jun 2012

Aung San Suu Kyi, David Cameron and My Pottery Designs

Ok, so that's a rubbish post title but look, here's a photo of David Cameron and Aung San Suu Kyi with my Alice in Wonderland design! Clearly they both have very good taste.

(Thanks for the publicity guys!)

25 Jun 2012

Today I Drew A Lion

He is worried. Being king of the jungle is a lot of responsibility.

And also a fox. He looks like a PEZ holder.

24 Jun 2012


I was just messing around in Photoshop, and this pattern is what came out. Fancy that.

14 Jun 2012

Look At This Teapot!

Today the people at the pottery started painting my design onto a huge 1 gallon teapot. They did an amazingly good job of turning my design into stencils, a job I thought would be next to impossible. The teapot still needs to be glazed, so it'll look even better then!

Also here's a video of Nikki decorating a big disk/plate thing for it to stand on.
It's all pretty cool, I think you'll agree.

13 Jun 2012

New Logo

In other news, I'm trying to come up with a new logo/identity. This is the best so far.

PS: Also to the many of you not asking, I've got some new greetings cards coming this week so you'd better start saving up.

Final Alice in Wonderland Design

Click to make bigger.
So, this is the final design that was selected to be stencilled onto the pottery. Sorry it's so small, but give it a click and it'll get bigger. I pity the poor person who has to cut out all the stencils for this, but I'm really pleased with it.

12 Jun 2012

Some More Alice Characters

Here's a couple more characters for the Alice in Wonderland job mentioned previously. I've also made a line up of them all around the Mad Hatter's tea table, but Blogger has a habit of shrinking wide pictures down till they're teeny tiny. Which I don't like.

10 Jun 2012

Alice In Wonderland Designs

A pottery company has asked me to come up with some designs for some of their pottery. The theme is Alice In Wonderland, and more specifically The Mad Hatter's Tea Party. This is what I've done so far. Hopefully it's obvious who each of them are...

26 May 2012


What need is there for fish to sing, when I can roar and bellow?

16 May 2012

Greetings Card For Sale!

At this time of year, pretty much everybody knows somebody taking some sort of exam, so why not send them a card that combines a good luck message, a brilliant pun, and a chicken.

Well I've made a card that combines all 3 of those things, and you can buy it here!

PS: My The Walking Dead poster is still available there too!

28 Apr 2012

The Walking Dead Posters For Sale!

So after quite of lot of requests, and me taking ages to get around to it, you can now buy prints of my The Walking Dead poster! How exciting!

They're printed in full colour on 130gsm A3 silk stock, and at only £10 including postage, they're pretty neat.

If you wish you can buy one from my newly created shop page here: http://joecollins.bigcartel.com

25 Apr 2012

Promotional Material

Just about to go off to the post office to post a load of envelopes full of promotional things. What's inside is up above. So if you're an animation company, you can expect one of these through your door very soon, and if you'd be so kind as to hire me, I'd be very grateful.

19 Apr 2012


I drew a penguin to keep my chicken company. Because of course they're best friends.

27 Mar 2012

Little White Lies Plasti-scene Competition

>The other week I entered a competition run by Little White Lies magazine, in which you had to make your a scene or shot from your favourite film out of plasticine. I chose to make the 3 main characters from Wes Anderson's The Darjeeling Ltd.
They're announcing the winners sometime this week, so fingers crossed!

15 Mar 2012


I fancied creating a little animation company to give myself a bit more of an identity. Or something like that. So I came up with Piccomola, no idea why, I think it was something to do with a French rugby player. Anyway, I doubt I'll stick with it.
But this is the company logo that you'll see at the start of films.

Now I just need to make the films...

7 Mar 2012

The Film About A Boy Without An Imaginary Friend

Catchy title eh?

This is a bit of pre-production work for (hopefully) my next film, I haven't thought of a good title yet hence the one above. I'm going to pitch the film for one of the IdeasTap briefs, where if you win, they give you £5000 to help make it. And even if I don't win, I'll still make it anyway.
Stay tuned for more!

5 Mar 2012

Long Time No Post

Hi again, just here to reassure you I'm still alive.

Here's a picture of some boats:

Also, I have just joined IdeasTap, which seems like a nice place to find some good opportunities, though it's all still quite new to me. Anyway, here's a link to my profile. See you there!

9 Feb 2012


I'm making some little booklets to send out to potential employers. Still prototyping at the mo. I say prototyping as if I know what I’m doing. I’m making it all up as I go along. And I’m not even sure prototyping is a word…