28 Apr 2012

The Walking Dead Posters For Sale!

So after quite of lot of requests, and me taking ages to get around to it, you can now buy prints of my The Walking Dead poster! How exciting!

They're printed in full colour on 130gsm A3 silk stock, and at only £10 including postage, they're pretty neat.

If you wish you can buy one from my newly created shop page here: http://joecollins.bigcartel.com

25 Apr 2012

Promotional Material

Just about to go off to the post office to post a load of envelopes full of promotional things. What's inside is up above. So if you're an animation company, you can expect one of these through your door very soon, and if you'd be so kind as to hire me, I'd be very grateful.

19 Apr 2012


I drew a penguin to keep my chicken company. Because of course they're best friends.