27 May 2009

The Covers

Here are the front and back covers of the book:

All prices correct at time of going press

26 May 2009


Here is how the verses of Desolation Row are going to be presented. They will be on the opposite page to a corresponding character and they can be mixed and matched just like the characters.

I'll only upload one, because they're in essence the same.

Definite Final Line-Up

So, here's the final drawings of each character.
I have had to limit the number down to 10 so mix and matching works with the verses. Pretty pleased with them, check it out:

Look At This

Found this 'nice' depiction someone else has done of Desolation Row. Personally, I think its awful and very tacky, but I suppose its nice to see that someone else has taken a literal interpretation of the lyrics like I have.

However, if you would like to buy it, go here.

23 May 2009


If you search Joe Collins on Google, I am on the fourth page of results!
Amongst others, I am beneath a dead baseball player, a deputy assistant secretary at the Pentagon, a 'twentysomething church leader' and a cocktail that shares my name.
Just so you all know.

21 May 2009


Have got round to organising my Flickr account.
There's some stuff you won't have seen on this blog before
Check it out here!

19 May 2009

So here's some developmental drawings trying to change my sketchy characters into the more polished graphic style. Not sure if they're still a bit rough still, but I think they're looking pretty good. I like the coloured smears behind them, a touch I've borrowed from Paul Rogers. If I can get this to fit in the book, it should look good. And obviously these drawings aren't lined up to fit together yet, I was just working on the style.
Here ya go:

17 May 2009

Nearing Deadline...

My deadline is in a couple of weeks, and I'd like to think that everything is on track. In my tutorial the tutors liked my idea and told me to go ahead and make the book. They did suggest a few changes however, the biggest being that I change the style I do it in. They thought the sketchy style made the drawings look unfinished, and that I should do them in the style of this mermaid which I drew earlier.
This means I have to redraw pretty much all of the characters, which might take a little bit of time. I also need to track down a decent printers in Bristol, so any ideas anyone?
In other news, the 'screening' at Thekla went well, with my animation and two others playing all through the night. Here's Smokey The Monkey and Stickmen , the two other films.
In more other news, I might be getting some work experience at Aardman! Best news ever. Its all still 'maybe' though, but hopefully I'll find out soon. My friend George starts there tomorrow, and if it goes well with him then I stand a chance! I'll let you know how that and everything goes soon!

12 May 2009


Hi all,
Tomorrow night the BLUE animation I worked on, and two others from my class are being screened at a club night at Thekla in Bristol. Here's more details.
Its kind of a showcase of the the second year talent at UWE, and should be a good night. Especially as I'm on the guest list haha!
Hopefully it might be a little bit of publicity too, which I am severely lacking at the moment. Ah well.
Also tomorrow, I have a tutorial about my Desolation Row work which should be useful as I might get the go ahead to make the final book. My tutorial might be with Ben Newman, a really talented and nice guy. I'd check him out if I was you. AND come along to Thekla tomorrow!

7 May 2009

Here's a nicely rounded woman I had to storyboard for something at uni that involved selling weightloss pills. I won't put the whole thing up here as its quite big, and not that good. But I like this little character.

4 May 2009

A Showreel of Sorts.

I'm working on constructing a showreel. This isn't the best, but at least I have one that exists now. But man I hate that ending

3 May 2009

Front Cover

Hi hi.
I'm working on the front cover for my little book thing, although I still need to see if my tutors like the idea. But anyway. Its based on American street signs, as it seemed fitting, but maybe a little cliched? Maybe...
Anyway, here it is so far:

In case anyone's interested, I got the font from here. Its cool the websites some people make.

Or how about this one?

It fits better with the portrait style of the book. Bear in mind this isn't finished and is still rough. Would appreciate some feedback from anybody...?