15 Jan 2012

BT Tower Competition

As promised, though slightly later than I said, here's my animation for the BT Tower Competition. I had to rush it a bit, as I had loads of other things to be doing.
The bit at the end is meant to be exhaust fumes, but I couldn't really figure how to do it well. Ah well. I really like the little walking soldier guy though.

By the way, it looks better if you view it full screen you can see the whole thing a bit better, and if you watch it on Vimeo as you can see it in HD! (ooh)

4 Jan 2012

Competition Time (Again)

The title makes it sound like I'm hosting a competition, but unluckily for you I'm not. One of my friends sent me a link to a competition in which you have to create an animation, which if you win will be displayed on MASSIVE screens at the top of the BT Tower in London.

I decided to have a crack at it, even though the deadline is the 5th of January. I thought I'd make something to do with London because they've got a big year coming up with the Olympics and whatnot.

Anyway, some of the designs are above, a black cab, a Routemaster bus, and a Buckingham Palace soldier. I'll probably post the final thing tomorrow, so stay tuned for that, and here's a link to the competition if you fancy a go: