31 Mar 2010

Raiders of Noah's Ark Animatic

Just realised I hadn't posted my animatic yet. Here it is in all its hand drawn glory.

Some progress.

Hello again.

Here's a few photos of models and things. I have done more than this honest, it just hasn't been photographed.

Practice monkey cast. Cast in 'expanding foam' in a plaster mould.

Rhino. Possibly finished. Though inability to move the neck and the inane grin on his face means I might have to redo it.

Close up of desert set. Need to get a sky backdrop done. Did some work on that today.

Desert set.

More photos to follow shortly. Including different monkey expressions!

21 Mar 2010

Oh man.

This flipping place needs a re-design. If you look up, that header is awful. I think I did that last year sometime when I reckoned I was good at design. Obviously not. Anyway, redesigning that should distract me nicely from making my film.
Talking of which, things are going ok on RONA (Raiders of Noah's Ark), but as I have yet to complete any of my puppets I am leaving very little time for animating. It's cool though, we're still cool right?
Photos of puppets will appear this week once I get the photos from my friend George!
In the meantime, check out the work of the people following this blog! There's awesome stuff!
Au revoir!

16 Mar 2010

I have been a bit slack here abouts...

Recently, a ot of time has been spent making characters and sets for Raiders of Noahs Ark, so there has been little time to post here. I am hoping to rectify this, this week hopefully. So watch this space!
Also, thanks to all you new guys following me! Ha!
As a reward, heres some work for a possible new film called Edambusters - some sort of war film about cheese?
This is Brie Roqueforte, a member of the French Resistance in the small town of Boursin: