29 Jun 2010

Uni Has Ended...

So now to celebrate, here is a video of George and Iwan smashing up a TV in slow motion. See if you can count how many times Iwan hits the table...

15 Jun 2010


Drew this for our exhibition at our Degree Show this week from the 19th! Come along to Bower Ashton campus, Bristol and see some great work!

13 Jun 2010

Look What I Made For George

For our exhibition, I forged some Polish identification papers for George's Jewish character.

11 Jun 2010

Bristol Beer Factory Advert

Bristol Beer Factory are offering us some beer for our degree show if we make them an advert/video for their website. Me, Martin and George are working on one.
A castaway finds a crate of beer, but cannot open the crate. The palm tree then pops out the ground and uses a bottle opener to help the man. They clink bottles and have a great time.
Here's some pictures!

8 Jun 2010

Company Blog Now Online!

Myself, George Watson and Martin Woolley have decided to set up a company/studio/collective to make animation together. There's no work up there yet, but here's the link:

6 Jun 2010


Did some drawing/doodling for the first time in a long time.
Loads of faces. Well, a far few anyway. Personal favourites include the bear, the vampire and a couple of the cowboys. The Beatles are also in there too. As they often are.

5 Jun 2010

Business Cards

It has become a bad habit of mine to never be happy with how I present myself commercially.
Therefore I have redone my business cards again.
Here they are:



Let me know what you think please? Then I might be able to get them printed in time for the degree show.