27 Mar 2012

Little White Lies Plasti-scene Competition

>The other week I entered a competition run by Little White Lies magazine, in which you had to make your a scene or shot from your favourite film out of plasticine. I chose to make the 3 main characters from Wes Anderson's The Darjeeling Ltd.
They're announcing the winners sometime this week, so fingers crossed!

15 Mar 2012


I fancied creating a little animation company to give myself a bit more of an identity. Or something like that. So I came up with Piccomola, no idea why, I think it was something to do with a French rugby player. Anyway, I doubt I'll stick with it.
But this is the company logo that you'll see at the start of films.

Now I just need to make the films...

7 Mar 2012

The Film About A Boy Without An Imaginary Friend

Catchy title eh?

This is a bit of pre-production work for (hopefully) my next film, I haven't thought of a good title yet hence the one above. I'm going to pitch the film for one of the IdeasTap briefs, where if you win, they give you £5000 to help make it. And even if I don't win, I'll still make it anyway.
Stay tuned for more!

5 Mar 2012

Long Time No Post

Hi again, just here to reassure you I'm still alive.

Here's a picture of some boats:

Also, I have just joined IdeasTap, which seems like a nice place to find some good opportunities, though it's all still quite new to me. Anyway, here's a link to my profile. See you there!