19 Jul 2011

The Walking Dead Poster

In a change to my current form of drawing french actresses, I have created a poster for TV series The Walking Dead. The first series was brilliant, and the next series can't come soon enough!


So after quite of lot of requests, and me taking ages to get around to it, you can now buy prints of my The Walking Dead poster! How exciting!

They're printed in full colour on 130gsm A3 silk stock, and at only £10including postage, they're pretty neat.

If you wish you can buy one from my newly created shop page here:http://joecollins.bigcartel.com/ 

(PS: If you do order one, bear with me while I figure out how to use Big Cartel!)

18 Jul 2011

Moleskine Portraits

More moleskine sketches. Above is Mélanie Laurent, and below is Eva Green.

14 Jul 2011

Clémence Poésy Painting

As I have a bit of a thing for pretty much any French actress going, here is a painting of Clémence Poésy. And here's a comparison from initial drawing to painting for anyone who's interested.

12 Jul 2011


The drawing I did the other day of Felicity Jones, has now been water-coloured. I'm really pleased with how it turned out, but my scanner made it look a bit harsher and more vivid than it actually is.
My faith in water colours has been restore somewhat, while my scanner faith is waning.

9 Jul 2011

Moleskine #2

Some more stuff from my Moleskine sketchbook. The actress Felicity Jones and a random woman

6 Jul 2011

Mechanical Bride Illustration

Recently I did an illustration for the online magazine ‘Amelia’s Magazine

The illustration is of Lauren Doss AKA Mechanical Bride and her debut album has recently been released.

Check out the interview here.