26 Oct 2011

'Mars Is No Fun' Animation Test

The other day (yesterday?) I mentioned I was doing a bit of animation for a music video. Well here we go:

It's for a song called 'Mars Is No Fun' by the French singer Camille. I'm not being paid to do it, I'm just a massive fan of hers, and really like this song. The bit of animation is only rough, so I can figure out style and the design, so don't be too critical. There will be more soon!

PS: I recently set up a more professional looking portfolio site HERE. Perhaps you should go and have a look at it? That'd be nice. Ta.

25 Oct 2011

Have I Got News For You? Yes.


If you remember my 'The Walking Dead' poster from a month or two ago, then it may interest you to know that it was featured on a website called Minimal Movie Posters. Very nice of them to have put it up there, and so far it seems to have been pretty popular with over 1100 'notes'. So, thank you very much to them!

Have a look at it here.

I'm still doing some work on the Bottoms Up brief, and here's a little look at what I'm up to:

Also, started doing some animating for a music video, with perhaps another one in the pipeline, maybe...

13 Oct 2011

I was asked by Willkommen Records, a record label and music collective, to design a map which showed how members of the collective all played in different bands.
I thought the best way of showing this was in the style of a tube map.
To see it bigger, click here

9 Oct 2011

'Bottoms Up' & Bristol's Big Green Week

Hello hello.
Last week I went to a briefing meeting for an exhibition and short film called 'Bottoms Up'.

The brief is to produce two humorous images about changing our lifestyle choices today to help prevent extreme climate change. The project is for the Forum for the Future and will be exhibited at theTobacco Factory in Bristol early next year.

We were also asked to design a logo for Bristol's Big Green Week, a week long event in Bristol promoting environmental causes and sustainability etc.

Above is my logo design so far. Any opinions are welcomed!