7 Jun 2009

Results & Plans

Soooo, on Thursday, less than a day after I'd handed my work in and watched everyone present their work for almost 10 hours in a hot sweaty room, I got my grade.
I got a 2.1. Although this is really good, I felt that I deserved more than that. I thought I'd put a lot of work in on this project, but the tutors thought my final piece was a bit 'obvious'.

Ah well, finished for summer now! Lots of plans, I'm going to Italy and to Bloom Festival, and between these two things, I plan to do lots or uni work. I want to get myself a portfolio together and sort out the professional side of things. Also plan to draw lots and hopefully have a film made by the end of the summer. Me and my housemate Jaz are planning one which should be pretty interesting as she does Fashion and Textiles, so that should bring a 'new direction' to things. I am also going to learn to use Flash, because although I don't really like the majority of Flash films, its still a useful skill to have. Whether I achieve all or any of these goals, I'll let you know!

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