13 Apr 2010

A Day to Make You Make That Sort of 'Tsss' Hissing Noise That You Make When Somethings Gone Wrong But You Don't Want to Go Nuts in Public About It

Bit of a lame day today. Attempted casting the first of the final monkeys. It went disastrously wrong, to be honest it couldn't have got much worse unless I'd cut my hand off in the process. The foam didn't really work very well, was too sticky and made the mould very hard to open. When it was finally opened, the mould had cracked and the monkey looked like some hideous burns victim with bits of foamy flesh hanging all over the place. Needless to say I wasn't best pleased.

However I tried animating him as he's useless for anything else, and he animates very nicely indeed, probably testament to my ace armature making skills (!)
Here's the video. I like the nose wiping the best

And here's some photos showing the extent of the horror.

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