17 Sep 2010

News Update

To coincide with the state visit of the Pope, I thought I'd do a blog post. Not about the Pope though sorry.

Recently in an attempt to get on the career ladder and try and find a job I sent some promotional material (CVs DVDs etc) out to some animation companies.
In order to make it a bit more interesting I also made and sent out one of these:

Basically its a little box with my contact details on, that fits inside the 'hello' envelope. When you open the envelope the box pops out due to an elastic band inside it. Not explained very well, but if you want one, ask and I'll send you one.

Also, if you are visiting here from one of the companies I sent these to, thanks for looking!

In other news, my film Raiders of Noah's Ark has been entered into Witney Film Festival, which is exciting and good publicity.

There was something else to say but I've forgotten it. Bear with me

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