17 May 2009

Nearing Deadline...

My deadline is in a couple of weeks, and I'd like to think that everything is on track. In my tutorial the tutors liked my idea and told me to go ahead and make the book. They did suggest a few changes however, the biggest being that I change the style I do it in. They thought the sketchy style made the drawings look unfinished, and that I should do them in the style of this mermaid which I drew earlier.
This means I have to redraw pretty much all of the characters, which might take a little bit of time. I also need to track down a decent printers in Bristol, so any ideas anyone?
In other news, the 'screening' at Thekla went well, with my animation and two others playing all through the night. Here's Smokey The Monkey and Stickmen , the two other films.
In more other news, I might be getting some work experience at Aardman! Best news ever. Its all still 'maybe' though, but hopefully I'll find out soon. My friend George starts there tomorrow, and if it goes well with him then I stand a chance! I'll let you know how that and everything goes soon!

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