19 Mar 2009

Crazy Tutorial

Today, I had the craziest tutorial I've ever had, and ever likely to have again.
My tutor told me to look at the work of 'Wille Guthrie' not Woody Guthrie as I'm pretty sure he meant, he also informed me that meerkats have bigger brains than mongooses, so that although essentially the same creature, the meerkat is better at making relationships between things and as such is a more sociable animal. Also to influence my style, I should look into the combine harvesters and tractors of 1930s America. Needless to say, i didn't take much from this tutorial, but it was entertaining although baffling. Oh and he tried to do a Bob Dylan impression.

ANYWAY, here's another piece of work from Visual Narratives where we had to draw a poem in a way that represented it best. It was meant to be an onomatopoeic one, but me and George (whom I worked with) chose 'Mental Cases' by Wilfred Owen.

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