13 Mar 2009

Sixties Research

After talking with my tutor about my project, I have realised I am rushing into this project a bit too fast without thinking things through.I need to analyze Bob Dylan's songs more and find one where the lyrics can be easily put into pictures. The song I choose also needs to have enough 'actual' things in it that I can study with observational drawing.
I am also going to research the 1960s so I can make my work more authentic in both content and style. I shall be looking at as many sources I can. As such, I emailed Paul Rogers asking what reference he used for his book. Surprisingly he replied:

'Hi Joe,

Thanks for the kind words about 'Forever Young' and good luck with your
project. I looked at a lot of books about New York in the sixties and
read as much as I could on Dylan's life. His book Chronicles is
fantastic for insight into his ideas and influences. Magazines from the
period can also be a good source for the way things looked.

Best Regards,
Paul Rogers

Nothing specific, but still good to hear back from him. I owe him one.
Any progress will be posted here!

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