3 May 2010

Toying with a few ideas.

Over this Bank Holiday weekend, I have been convincing myself there's not much work I can do as I have to do all my animating at uni (oh the joys of stop motion(!)). I've made a few things, like a crate that can break open for a particular scene and a few other bits and pieces. Something else I have been looking at is sound effects. As well as having the audio track, I thought it might be quite nice and possibly fitting to have the onomatopoeic words appear on screen like they do in Batman. This will lend to the comic/cartoony feel I want the film to have and could work brilliantly. Or fail miserably. I made a few mock-ups:

Here's one on a storyboard frame. Looks pretty sweet.

And I know this frame isn't relevant but I thought it would give me an idea of what it'll look like. Looks pretty good also I think, but if anyone disagrees, let me know your thoughts.

In other news, have received an email from a Masters Student at Bristol Uni who would like to write the music score for my film. She sent me a sample of her work, and I think it could be a good partnership as she really likes writing big exciting John Williams style music. How exciting!

Blimey thats quite a long post. Hope everything is going well elsewhere for my fellow animators, and probably see you all tomorrow. This is getting oddly weird now, thats what you get for 3 days on your own. Gah, shut up Joe.

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